We guarantee that out flavours will always
be real, no artificial seasoning, additives,
files or MSG will be used.

This philosophy serves as a commitment to our customers,
guaranteeing that our Old World sausages will always be
made by hand, and won’t ever be mass-produced.

Our delicacies are all-natural, made only from pure-bred
Six-Spotted Berkshire hogs. This rare breed is 100%
pasture-raised to produce a perfectly marbled meat,
with just the right amount of internal fat.

Surryanos taste better, because they’re tightly trimmed,
cleaned and hand-rubbed with our family’s exclusive dry cure.

Then, they’re patiently cured at Alex Deli Sausage & Ham
for a full week (24hours a day), and hanged in our dry-aging
rooms for over 400 days.

This is the preparation process that creates our Surryanos’
extraordinary rich, satisfying flavor.

Don’t wait and experience the superior quality of our
all Polish, all natural products.

Natural quality

We do it this way, because we are determined to create
gourmet sausages and meats of the highest quality.


  • Dry Krakow Sausage
    Krakowska sucha
  • Pressed Bacon
    Boczek Prasowany
  • Cooked Bacon
    Boczek Domowy
  • Smoked Rib Bellies
    Boczek Surowo - Wedzony
  • Veal and Pork Kabanos
    Kabanos Wieprzowo - Cielecy
  • Wedding Sausage
    Kielbasa Tyrolska
  • Baked Krakow Sausage
    Krakowska Pieczona
  • Spiced Ham
  • Cooler